“African Dancer” I was inspired to create African Dancer by the vibrant colors and pulsating rhythms that I experienced on a trip to Ghana, Africa in January 2020.

“Fish Man” Is a whimsical portrayal of the many men in my family who are avid striped bass fisherman.  

“Care Giver” This sculpture was made to recognize and honor all of those who have taken care of loved ones when they were ill.

“Moon Dancer” represents my daughter when she was young.  It shows her energy in life and her sudden death on the night of a full moon.

“Royal Lady” is a whimsical representation of my horse when I was a teen.  She was a show off and proudly bobbed her head as she trotted.

“Chaps” is a personification of me and my life.  I loved cowboy movies and riding horses my entire youth.  The horseshoe necklace that Chaps is wearing is from my own horse as a young girl.  Her horns and stance represent my determination and focus.  Her black and white spotted skin and pink exposed buttocks show the whimsical side of my personality.

“Carousel of Life” contains dolls of the women in my family who are dressed to show their personalities and/or interests.The dolls rotate on a lazy Susan with a mosquito net roof. Click here to see a video of “Carousel of Life” rotating on a Lazy Susan.




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