“Hair: A Universal Obsession”

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These are a few of the portraits and comments represented in the conceptual artwork, “Hair: A Universal Obsession.” 


“I dance the hula and wear my hair long in the Hawaiian tradition. The hairpiece is a ‘Haku.’ The green leaves are Ti leaves that are also used to make traditional Hawaiian dance skirts.”

—Hawaiian dancer and singer



“I wanted ‘locs’ since I was a little child.  It is all my own hair.  I think it is fun and expressive.”

—Department of Justice employee


“I had a white fuzzy fluff halo that hung around my head.  I shaved it off because I didn’t like that image of myself.  Now my wife tells me I look much younger and sexier.  I like that.”

—Retired pediatrician



“I am of Hawaiian warrior lineage. When the higher warrior chiefs and kings removed their feather helmets, the mahiole, their hair would stay like this. My facial hair is a way of showing my profession, an historian.”



“I always wanted to have red hair, but my mother didn’t let me.  Now that I’m grown, I dyed it red, the color I love.  It took many tries to get just the right color.  My hair was straightened for many years, but now I wear it curly.  I like it natural.”

—Restaurant Host


“I always liked long hair. I was a carrot top when I was young and now it has turned blond. With long blond hair, I don’t look so old.”

—Scale repairs and service


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